From the photographer:

I am a creative professional with a passion for capturing beauty in every day life. I love capturing images that would make people want to discover and develop a deeper love and respect for nature. To quote Ansel Adam’s “ Sometimes I arrive just when God is ready to have someone click the shutter.” Please feel free to browse my photography portfolio pictures through the menu drop-down under “portfolio“.

About the photographer:

Susanne Swayze (Captured Moments Photography) has been interested in and practicing photography for some time. Her photographer portfolio speaks for itself. From nature photography to wild animal photography to subtle moon photography and even household pet photography and wedding photography, Susanne’s “Captured Moments” style embodies the delicate control and depictive grace of a photographer that has been handling a camera since before high school. The humble irony of the matter is that she hasn’t. Susanne has a particular understanding of the nature of focus. Her wild animal photography shots and other natural animal photography really illustrates the ability she has to find that perfect angle, almost indistinguishable from an entirely natural setting. Her gentle moon photographs manage to capture a dusty hint of night sky combined with perfectly time crescents and other combined elements such as trees and clouds. Feel free to browse this photography portfolio at your leisure.

Captured Moments Photography is proudly Canadian:

100% Canadian owned and operated, Captured Moments Photography is located in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada). Susanne Swayze’s 100% Canadian landscapes are some of the most down to earth, all-Canadian, homegrown photographs you will be able to find with true Canadian scenery. In effort to save a thousand words, here:


CN rail car travelling through forested mountains during winter time.
A CN railway car – A true Canadian photograph by Captured Moments Photography


Honest, versatile photographer:

Susanne Swayze’s prices are honest and fair; here ability to find an outstanding focus on nature photographs, pet photographs, wild animal photographs and especially ‘special moment’ photograph’s is literally unparalleled. Her photography portfolio is not only incredibly interesting to navigate, showing adept photography skill and intuitive photographer ability, but also highlights some ingenious methods of resolving interesting issues such as how to make a lion at the zoo like like it’s not at the zoo in the picture. Without editing any photos at all, Susanne manages to use clever angle and focus techniques such that only the desired element of focus is available within the picture. Listed below is a small film strip of Susanne’s available portfolio. To access more of the other available portfolio pictures, mouse over the “Portfolio”menu item and select one of the available categories from the drop down menu.