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Stock Photos for Sale:

Captured Moment Photography has a GREAT selection of stock photo samples and general stock photos including nature photos, wildlife photos, flowers and trees photos, photos of pets and photos of wonderful lunar landscapes as well. One of Capture Moments Photography’s most interesting collections is the moon photos stock photography. Captured Moments Photography provides NEARLY-FULL COMMERCIAL LICENSE for any users purchasing STOCK PHOTOS form this particular website. Our small stock photos (around 800×600) are $5 (* see license details below). Our medium stock photos are $10 each (about  1400×900). Our large stock photos are FHD (approx) and our full size stock photos range from 4k HD to 2500×1400 pixels.

Categories of Stock Photo:

There are several different categories of stock photos available from Flora and Fauna include “Canadian Landscapes“, “Flowers and Trees” as well as “Dog Photos” and “Wildlife Photos“. Another intriguing consideratoin is the “Moon Photos” category. Susanne is able to capture DELIGHTFUL angles, events, lighting conditions and more, all during night time photography opportunities with terra luna.

Licensing Considerations:

In order to not only assist and facilitate webdesigns (online) but also newspaper, magazine and other print publishing, Captured Moments Photography has decided to provide small stock photos (especially) at $5 each per download for particular sized image. Images ARE ALL at 300 dpi resolution and depending on orientation, all “small” stock photos are just under 1000 pixels one way or the other. Full size photos are often around 3600×2500 pixels at 300 dpi and available for download for $25. Purchasing a stock photo will provide a download link as well as an email link (if email provided). That email link should stay active for 60 days.

Licensing Specifications:

NOTE TO BUYER: Stock photos ‘provided for sale’ upon this website ( ARE PROVIDED (with license) from Susanne Swayze, the photographer by which ALL photographs (except her portrait photo) have been taken by (on this site). The purchase of ANY photo (aside from Susanne’s profile photo — which you can technically not buy) entitles the purchaser to LIMITED COMMERCIAL LICENSE. This means that you can USE (that) photos in PUBLICATION of any material. You are NOT PERMITTED (however) to sell the photo (in and of itself) or ANY PACKAGE in which that photo (as purchase from is the PRIMARY PURPOSE (or an adjoined conciliatory purpose – such as selling a collection of photos together as a pack) of the intended sale. You can however, include any of the photos for sale on this website in a picture book or other conglomerate collection of artists work.

(Also: If a picture fails to provide a download link after purchase,
please notify the webmaster at for solution
to this matter; thank you, CMPHOTOGRAPHY.CA WEBMASTER.)