When I was a teenager, I wanted to model. Of course, most of it was photographic modelling, because at 5 foot 5, I was way too short for the runway! I accomplished my dream at that time, of becoming a Toronto Sunshine Girl. However, it was during this time that I became more interested in what the photographer was seeing behind the lens, than what I was supposed to be doing in front of it.

After studying art and composition, and picking up a camera (initially it was a Kodak 110 pocket camera), I was hooked. Not only was it a therapeutic tool for stress relief, but it was a way to express myself in an art form that showed and expressed who I was, as I was not musically inclined nor a very good artist!

Over the years I was fortunate enough to have taken part on the Kodak team for the Special Olympics in Toronto in the 90’s and have photographed many weddings and portraits along the way.

I have accomplished my goal of having my photographs published in two books (City Voices by Nikki Rottenberg; and Photography Vibes-The Best of Edition); and in 2022 had my photograph selected to appear in the Cottage Life Calender. My photographs have also appeared on the local news numerous times.

During the covid pandemic, and the need for mental health stability; I began to focus more on nature and the world around us; focusing on hope and new growth.

Whether it be a function indoors or outdoors, my goal is to capture the moments that mean the most to you. To build a connection with my clients and to provide exceptional and personalized service.

I believe that photos are much more than just images- they are memories that tell a story.