How Did I Do That?

So, has anyone ever wondered how some people can go to the zoo and take photos that does not even make it look like they were actually at a zoo?

Well, I wondered that for years, and when I finally learned the secret, I wanted to share it with everyone, so that they can have the same joy I do, when trying to photograph through the cages or bars.


                                  Photo A                                                                                                  Photo B


So what could turn a photo that looks like photo A into something that looks like photo B? (Please don’t say it’s the animal!)


Number 1- A telephoto lens is essential.

Number 2- You will need to have a wide aperture.

Number 3- Try to move as close as possible to the fence.

The reason for the wide aperture vs. a narrow one is that the narrow aperture keeps the entire scene in focus. (Usually used in landscape photography)

In this case, using a telephoto lens, a wide aperture  and getting close to the subject creates a shallow depth of field, focusing on your subject.


I hope this little  tip can help you on your quest to capture that perfect moment  when faced with some prominent obstacles between you and your subject.