Autumn Lake Scape
Full Orange Moon
Nightfall by the Lake


Hamilton Photographer:
Susanne Swayze

Captured Moments Photography
Serving Hamilton and Surrounding Area

Local Hamilton Photographer:

If your looking around for a Hamilton photographer, Captured Moments Photography is the business side of local Hamilton photographer Susanne Swayze. Susanne is not only a talented nature photographer but also provides reliable and well focused commercial photography services such as weddings and wedding parties, as well as children’s parties too. Although she provides regular and standard commercial photography services including cameo ops and general photo ops of the clients selection, Susanne’s specialty service if the family and family pet cameo series. Option one includes cameos of your family pets and possibly including your family as well. Option 2 includes “Golden Years” photography, special keepsakes and mementos of  those incredibly dear to yourself and your family who aren’t expecting long before passing. Examples of her work are available from the portfolio on this website and you can always ask to view other work in person if you’re thinking of hiring Susanne for a local photography job in Hamilton.

CN rail car travelling through forested mountains during winter time. Photo taken by Susanne Swayze, a local Hamilton photographer.
Iconic Canadian CN rail car traveling through snowy, forested mountains.

Quality Photography Services:

Susanne’s photography, specifically Captured Moments Photography is JUST THAT. If you’re collecting with family or friends for a special event, Captured Moments Photography will capture those moments on film or digital archive. Albeit film is still a ‘better’ overall option (especially for enlarging — such as posters or full page photos), there is no specific reason you can’t ask for both film and digital archive (which are by far easier to store and share); that being said however, digital is MUCH cheaper and digital archives are certainly the easier photography options to work with.

orange full moon slightly covered by leafless tree branches.
This delightful orange full moon, silhouetted by leafless autumn trees allows the moon to seem much closer than it actually is.

You can contact Susanne on the ‘contact page‘ by email for more details or to book a Captured Moments service from Susanne Swayze.

Experienced and Understanding:

Susanne Swayze’s Captured Moments Photography is wonderful choice for your local Hamilton event. As far as any gathering, banquet or otherwise social event is concerned, Susanne’s upbeat attitude and pleasant demeanor makes her an excellent local Hamilton photographer. Although most social gatherings will tend to be held outdoors in warmer summer weather, Captured Moments Photography is able to work equally well in both outdoor conditions as well as indoor (with lighting assistance).

Whether you’re merely looking for an archive of a particular gathering or event or whether you want to really place a memorable social happening into a “Captured Moment”, Susanne Swayze and Captured Moments Photography is a notable choice for your gathering, banquet, party or event in the local Hamilton and surrounding area. Pricing options for her photography services is listed ‘here‘ and travel costs are either arbitrary or none at all making Captured Moments Photography your PERFECT choice as far as local Hamilton photographers are concerned.

a couple getting married with hands together on table showing rings.
Whether your looking for bold, subtle or somewhere in between, Captured Moment’s is a master of focusing all the right angles professinally.

Not your ‘Run-of-the-Mill’ Hamilton Photographer:

Susanne Swayze is NOT your average Hamilton photographer. Her skills at the zoo make every photograph look like she’s just been on a wild safari. She’s featured often enough CHCH and in the Hamilton Spectator that there’s a good number of people (whether they know the name or not) who are familiar with Susanne’s photos. As far as local Hamilton photographers go, Susanne Swayze is not only an excellent photographer but also actively involved in the news (as a photo submitter) and also in the community. On top of her undeniable talent, she’s kind, courteous, understanding, professional and efficient; not to mention her prices are reasonable and fair; overall, an outstanding photographer in Hamilton. For more of Susanne’s local Hamilton photography community contributions, ‘click here‘: listing awards, publications and other news media contribution examples.

A mother swan swimming with baby cygents - as seen on CHCH - By Hamilton photographer Susanne Swayze
Spring is here; a mother swan swimming with baby cygnets.






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